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Global Polygraph Services is one of the Top Polygraph Services in the market today. Our Polygraphist is well trained and has been Internationally Accredited. All our members have been trained in Forensic Psychophysiology as well as Interviewing and Questioning and have undergone training in several Body Language Courses.

Advantages of 


It is an effective investigation tool that is between 90% and 95% accurate. This will save
unnecessary waist / loss of valuable man hours during a serious investigation.
It is a very effective interrogation tool. 

Polygraph Examination

5 Measures

The modern Polygraph instrument can monitor and record up to five measures:
1) Respiration,
2) Electro dermal activity,
3) Cardio changes,
4) Relative changes in the total blood volume
using the (Photo Plethysmograph) and
5) Movement to detect certain physical







What is a polygraph?

The polygraph is an instrument that records physical response in the human body when a person fails to tell the truth. It is based on scientific research done over the past 100 years and incorporates the disciplines of applied anatomy, physiology and psychophysiology.

What is the Polygraph Examination?

The Photo Plethysmograph adds new physiological data to existing polygraph information by measuring relative changes in the total blood volume in a body segment and by rapidly
detecting any changes in pulse blood volumes

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