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All our Polygraph Examinations undergo a control check by a qualified Polygraphist to ensure that the test is valid and the results are accurate. All our tests are being saved on a Data Base and kept for a period of three years, should any dispute arise in disciplinary hearings / CCMA cases. A consent form is signed by each examinee whereby he/she agrees to be Polygraph tested. All our Polygraph Exams and Interviews are being Video Recorded and kept on file for a period of three years for future evidence, should any dispute arise. A written statement is obtained during confessions.

The modern Polygraph instrument can monitor and record up to five measures: 1) Respiration,

2)  Electro  dermal  activity,  

3) Cardio changes,  

4) Relative  changes  in  the  total  blood  volume using  the  (Photo  Plethysmograph) and  

5)  Movement  to detect  certain  physical countermeasures.

The  Polygraph  instrument  merely  records  momentary  changes  in  a  person’s  level  of physiological  arousal.   

There  is no  lie  response per  se.  That  is,  there  is no  unique  response pattern which occurs every time a person lies, and never under any other circumstance.  

Many  things  cause  the  body  to respond;  noise,  sights,  being touched,  telling  a  lie,  even  random

thoughts. The examiner must structure the testing situation to eliminate or control extraneous

sources of reactions. For example, repeating the test questions several times controls responses

to  random  thoughts.  

What is the Polygraph Examination?

Global Polygraph Services Polygraphist Johan Terblanche has completed his Forensic Psychophysiology courses in 2001 and has done more than 10 000 polygraph test in over the period of 10 years with several Advanced Courses in Forensic Psychophysiology and we make sure that all our members undergo Advanced Training every year to keep up to date with the latest Research and Techniques regarding Forensic Psychophysiology and Interviewing as well as Body Language. We have many years experience in Polygraph and Investigation.